Flannery Barney


Oil on Panel Statement:

Working from photographs taken in the company of family or friends in my home state of New Mexico, I aim to create visual interpretations of nostalgia and the erosion of memories, places, and relationships.

Repeated self-reflection can create psychological noise, or static, that never ends. The sound keeps me up at night relentlessly reminding me about things that I wish I had said, regret, love, and further distorting the many things I’ve forgotten as time progresses. I interpret that kind of internal noise into a visual composition compiled of digital and analog glitches. Morphing my original understanding of my perceived reality, I allow my paintings to mimic this effect in their own space.


Flannery is a native New Mexican based in Roswell, NM. She primarily works in oils and paints portraitures and likes to explore a variety of mediums including ceramics and metalsmithing and digital painting. She holds a degree in Museum Conservation from New Mexico State University.