Storm Ritter

Ambidextrous Painter

Storm’s surrealistic painting style is created due to her ability to sculpt color with both hands. Her work
concentrates on self-enlightenment and internal reflection. With a rich history in absurdist theatrical design and
expressionistic art, Storm’s pieces are embedded with esoteric symbolism. The most popular motif called “The
Cool People” appears in the majority of her clothing and artwork. Every “Cool Person” is is unique, just like
people. The right hand creates the structure, left hand contributes the emotion. The figures are open to
interpretation and vary in detail. “The Cool People” are about the identity of cool.

Not only does Storm physically wear a different hat every day, but she metaphorically switches hats as a painter,
designer (apparel, costume, scenic) small business retailer, staff manager, fashion stylist, vintage shopper, writer,
visual merchandiser, photographer, and overall visual artist. Storm has developed a brand that merges tactile art
with lifestyle fashion. Every piece of clothing in her shop/studio has been designed, manufactured, or curated by
Storm, allowing her to spread her style to all consumers.

Enter Storm Ritter Studio, the lavishly colorful world of Storm Ritter, mastermind of the two-story,
brick-and-mortar storefront in the West Village. Intricate surrealistic murals cover the floor all the way up to the
16-foot ceilings; the space oozes with a sense of cool, reminiscent of a 1969 lounge pad. Loose canvas tapestries
and original apparel drapes the painted walls, like a massive collage. Once inside, you are immersed into a insane wardrobe of organized chaos. All fashion and artwork is all designed and manufactured in house led by Storm. The art on the walls reflect the clothing, and vice versa. The textiles are digitally printed and designed from Storm’s paintings and photographs, melding the studio into one large art piece. Original textiles then cut into
patterns at the studio or in the USA, while sourced vintage clothing is re-designed and painted.

Storm Ritter Studio: 14 West 8th Street, New York, New York. 

For more information, please visit her Website.