These are some new works in 3D - inspired by the efforts of animal activists to free circus elephants and retire them to sanctuaries. As a former performer, I was thinking about the incredible pictures that might be stored in each elephant’s memory... Like a wave washing over thousands of performances….shadows….blinking lights and incredible, breathtaking efforts to entertain in the shadow of the sometimes brutal reality.

SINE’S BACKGROUND (in her own words)

I grew up in Denmark, north of Copenhagen, and went to a private school that focused on creativity. I got to try different things, and since I feel passionate about animals, I was allowed to keep rabbits and goats on the grounds at my school.

At 16 I was sent me to live at a Danish school that was built on the principles of Anton Makarenko. The strict rules and the punitive nature of the collective did not detract from the new friends and the school band that I did enjoy. After three months of rebellion I was expelled. Then I spent a few months in Amsterdam before returning to Copenhagen where I lived in Christiania, a collective, for three years. There I experienced a diverse and free lifestyle and tried my hand at different crafts.

Educated at the Copenhagen Art and Danish Design schools, I came to New York in 1986 and became the creative force behind an all women’s music project called Maria Excommunikata, and wrote, recorded and performed with many talented and wonderful artists. We toured the US with Tom Tom Club and Debbie Harry and I had a cameo in The Ramones video “The Pet Sematary.” while performing I supported myself doing piecework for Soho artist James Rizzi, cutting paper and assembling his works for seven years.

I have had success sharing my work at locations where people sit down for a while so they have time to look at the art work. The NY craft beer scene has been a wonderful connection for my work. I am thrilled to license my art to the delicious craft beer label called "Nap Time Liquid Creations”, based in Blauvelt NY. My works decorate the tasting room at the brewery.

I exhibit in both the US and in Denmark, where I am the member of Næstved Grafik Værksted and attend their workshops. I have works permanently on display at the Flat Iron Gallery in Peekskill. NY.

I teach workshops in Westchester, mostly at public libraries and private art schools.

Working for the Croton Academy of Arts I teach a paper cutting workshop at a weekly after- school program at Croton Elementary School.

I am pleased to be busy with commission work for private clients and enjoy improving my skills at channeling their stories into my work.

I live in Croton On Hudson (surrounded by tall trees and wild animals.)