Images from the White Continent

Artist Statement

“In December of 2016, I took a six-week sabbatical from work and was fortunate enough to visit Antarctica. I approached the continent then with a deep sense of gratitude, which would soon be overtaken by awe.

Moving through Antarctic waters felt like traversing another planet. Known as the White Continent for the color of its icy, snowy landscapes, Antarctica also shares an astonishing display of greys and surprises you with bright electric blues. The animals here exist in innocence. The only human visitors they receive generally treat them with respect and their resulting lack of fear for us is reflected in surprising states of intimacy and repose. Though your experience may be punctuated by tremendous displays of life—visiting a penguin colony with tens of thousands of inhabitants—the overall experience is one of surprising tranquility. Moments of animal community are just as likely to be balanced by moments of solitary animal experiences. This environment then—alien as it is—speaks to us of our own experience, even as we are reminded that we are strangers in a strange and beautiful land. All the more reason for us to approach this great continent with curiosity and wonder, but especially with care.

These photographs were taken over just five days visiting the Antarctic Peninsula.