Rick Budo - Rest in Power

Rick Budo was a New York City native who had an unyielding love for his city and all it’s beauty and magnificence. The lens of his camera filtered his already somewhat warped vision and perspective of his daily surroundings. His goal as a picture taker was to make ugly things beautiful and everyday mundane things look brand new. We all see the same things, it just depends on how you actually look at them.

Frederick Carl, aka Rick Budo, loved MMA, his West Ham United Hammers football club, all music,  great beer, his beloved cane corso Magnus, and the city he lived in: New York. A modern Renaissance man, Budo was a big part of the Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor Family, as artist in residence and as a patron. With tens of thousands of images in his repertoire, this exhibit barely scratches the surface of a body of work that will take the Carl Family, and dear friend Milena Fisher, years to truly understand. It is our privilege to showcase his most recent work in the hope that you can take away a tiny perspective of the magnificence of his intricate mind.