The Colors of Sound

The Colors of Sound

The Colors of Sound is a group of paintings that were conceived as music recordings. The subject matters are legendary musicians who have changed music and its powerful message forever. These characters represent the primary colors of contemporary music as we know it. By mixing these colors, further generations of musicians have created and produced a lot of the music we hear today.

Each portrait in the exhibition is the result of an extensive research of soul and facial expressions captured in hand made sketches. The syntheses of those sketches are presented as detailed hand-made pencil drawings or musical “demos”. Starting with these pencil drawings where intricate textures or background noise were manually traced over paper, the works were scanned or “taken into the recording studio” for additional tracks or layered colors with the assistance of the computer. The juxtaposition of these layers was tuned and balanced as a master recordings or final paintings. The idea behind these works is to portray the raw character of the demos as well as the refined character of the embellishments and additional depths coexisting in the final expression.

The Colors of Sound paintings were created while listening music of the 60’s, and were created by an artist who has played the drums and guitar for many years. These works are better appreciated when this kind of music is played. In this way, the intent of translating musical sounds into colors can also be experienced by the audience.

The show will be on display at Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor through April. On April 10th, “A Night with the Artist” event will take place; with the work described and presented to the audience by “Kito,” while enjoying great music, a great selection of beers and wines. Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor is located on 26 West 8th Street in New York.

About the Artist

Jorge Arias is a practicing architect and artist, who has drawn and painted since very early childhood following the teachings of his father, also named Jorge Arias, who is a renowned Latin American artist. He was born in Argentina, and was trained as an architect and artist in Argentina, Japan, and the USA, where he came with a Fulbright Scholarship and decided to pursue his professional and artistic career.

As an artist, Jorge Arias, whose artistic name is “Kito”, is an emerging voice whose work is consistently aiming to integrate and conciliate different artistic media, subject matters, and cultural expressions. In all those attempts, meticulous hand drawings and compositions blend with different techniques including water colors, airbrush, and electronic media. The Colors of Sound is his first solo show in New York, and very interestingly, it takes place in a space he designed as an architect.

As an architect, Jorge Arias is the Principal of Arias Architecture, a very active New York based office that designs commercial and residential work. This office has designed Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, and also next door neighbor Stumptown Coffee Roasters.