The Illinois Imperial IPA


“The Illinois” Imperial IPA is an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s mile high skyscraper design that was never built. Had his design ever been realized, it would still be the tallest building in the world.  Having been inspired by this most ambitious idea, the master brewers @GooseIsland created this incredibly interesting double IPA with towering hop character.

Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor is the exclusive New York City location to purchase “The Illinois” on Draft. This beer is produced in extremely limited quantities, and rarely available outside Chicago on Draft. Come experience this amazing Imperial IPA poured from the pristine lines of our Chill Rite 32, “The Bugatti” of beer delivery systems. Available now, only at Arts and Crafts!  

Mile High Illinois
Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright intended his Mile High Illinois skyscraper to be the focal point of Broadacre City, the theoretical city, he began planning in the 1920s. Because the Broadacre project was an exploration of horizontal space, a one-mile-high skyscraper might at first seem out of place—but by the 1950s Wright had decided that some cities were “incorrigible,” and that even Broadacre City could use a tall building as a cultural and social hub. The foundation of Wright’s building was a massive column, shaped like an inverted tripod, sunk deeply into the ground. This supported a slender, tapering tower with cantilevered floors. In keeping with his belief that architecture ought to be organic, Wright likened this system to a tree trunk with branches. He planned to use gold-tinted metal on the facade to highlight angular surfaces along balconies and parapets and specified Plexiglas for window glazing. Inside the building, mechanical systems were to be housed inside hollow cantilevered beams. To reach the building’s upper floors, Wright proposed atomic-powered elevators that could carry 100 people.